15 Best Breakfast Places In Sarasota

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Need to find some great breakfast places in Sarasota? Sarasota may surprise you with some great places for breakfast that are not only delicious but healthy too.

Many of these places are American style breakfast places with influences from Italian, French, and Spanish cuisines as well.

You will find hearty meals in every one of these places whether you choose an egg dish, pancakes, or try something you’ve never tried before. There are plenty of great restaurants in Sarasota, and these breakfast places are the perfect way to start your day.

Organic Farmer’s Table

At the Organic Farmer’s Table you will find farm fresh food from the local farming communities. Their goal is to bring organic, fresh ingredients that nourish the body and deliver optimum health.

The menu was designed by a chef and is supervised by a dietician to make sure their customers get the healthiest food that also tastes delicious. While the focus is on bringing healthy food to the community, the flavors don’t lack.

The simple avocado toast is creamy and tangy with pops of spice from the chili flakes. Other options on the menu include farm fresh eggs on their breakfast plate or the waffles topped with toppings of your choice.

Getting in a nutritious meal at the start of your day is important before exploring the rest of the city and this is the perfect place for a healthy meal.

Breakfast At Victoria’s

This family owned restaurant, Breakfast At Victoria’s, serves a combination of traditional American breakfast and a little bit of Italian inspired dishes. The menu here consists of locally sourced organic products to bring you a farm to table experience.

In house, is a full bakery where all of their breads and pastries are made fresh daily. The owners, Luigi and Eleanora Rasso, have both been in the food industry for most of their lives. They both attended culinary school in Italy, have a love for cooking and a dream of owning their own restaurant which has come true.

So, if you are looking for a delicious breakfast in Sarasota then this is one of the best places to go. You might even be back for lunch and grab a pastry or two to go.

Der Dutchman

Have a home-made style meal at Der Dutchman, an Amish restaurant serving all kinds of goodies, and you are sure to enjoy your breakfast in Sarasota.

The Amish community in Sarasota has several restaurants and shops in the area and this one is great to visit for breakfast. It opens up at 6 a.m. so you can go as early or as late as you would like for your morning meal.

The Amish Country favorites include biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs with sausage or bacon, or French toast. While you’re there, be sure to pick up one of their legendary pies to enjoy for later.


Sunnyside first opened in 2014 as a breakfast and lunch place. Now, the place serves dinner too, but the breakfast is worth stopping by for.

One of their most well-known breakfast dishes is the eggs benedict with poached eggs, homemade hollandaise sauce, and bacon. Pair that with their fresh-squeezed juice

Other favorites include Belgian waffles, French toast, bagel and lox, and the omelets that are always made with fresh eggs. For those who want vegan options for breakfast, they have a tofu scramble and savory chickpea pancakes.

The restaurant opens at 9a.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8a.m. on the weekends.

Toasted Mango

If you love mango then Toasted Mango will have you looking forward to breakfast. Their award-winning toasted mango waffle is the chef special but you can also get a toasted mango French toast, and even a toasted mango avocado toast.

Not to worry, they don’t put mango on every menu item even though it might be in the name, like the toasted mango special which is just two eggs, choice of French toast or pancakes, bacon, and home fries. So, for anyone looking for a traditional breakfast this is still the spot to enjoy it.

There are two locations which are in downtown Sarasota and Siesta Key and they both open at 7:30 in the morning.

MAX’s Table

At MAX’s Table, you will find a husband and wife duo behind the scenes, Dimitri and Angela. If you’re wondering who MAX is, it is actually the duo’s daughter’s initials which is because family is at the heart of everything they do at MAX’s Table.

Their Greek heritage influences the menu where one of their top dishes is the big Greek gyro. But for breakfast, their decadent pancakes and French toast, are not to be missed.

The Traditional Benedict with poached eggs on top of an English muffin with Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce and a choice of side is a great savory treat.

The Breakfast Cottage

The bright yellow exterior and interior of this breakfast place this the perfect place to eat on a bright and sunny day. Although it is located south of Sarasota in Nokomis, The Breakfast Cottage is still a great place to have breakfast if you are traveling down.

Their food is just as cheerful as its beautifully plated from the omelettes to the pancakes. You can view the gallery of their food on their site to see if that’s the place you want to choose for your breakfast meal for the day.

This quaint breakfast place is open from 7:30 a.m. to 2p.m. and is a very affordable option.

The Original Egg

What used to be The Broken Egg on Clark Rd is now The Original Egg but the food that has had customers coming back for 20 years is still the same.

This breakfast place is all about the eggs whether you get one of the fluffy omelettes, eggs benedicts, or farm fresh egg skillets, all of their choices are “eggseptional”.

To make your breakfast even better, the restaurant offers a rewards club so that you can get points for dollars spent. For every dollar, you get one point and when you reach 200 points you get a $10 gift card. You also get a free meal the month of your birthday so be sure to take advantage of the awesome rewards.


Millie’s is a breakfast and lunch cafe started by Millie Novak. Her first breakfast place was opened in Illinois and anywhere she went, her love of cooking would follow so she opened diners everywhere she moved, including Sarasota.

For 34 years now, Millie’s has been serving breakfast and lunch to the Sarasota community. The delicious daily specials are always changing and fresh.

If you want to order online, you can do so starting at 7:30 in the morning. Your takeout order will be ready to enjoy within 20 minutes.

Breakfast House

At the Breakfast House, you will get to experience a cheerful breakfast from the sunny yellow exterior to the great service, all giving off an island vacation vibe.

It all started with the location, which is near downtown Sarasota, and the vision of the owner, Wendy Lee, and this cute breakfast cafe in Sarasota came to life.

You have the option to eat in the cozy inside or enjoy your breakfast outside on their tropically decorated patio. They have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to breakfast but big fluffy pancakes might be their specialty.

The Breakfast Company

With one location in Siesta Key and the other closer to Bradenton, The Breakfast Company is a great option for breakfast whichever direction you go.

Every day from 7a.m., except for Mondays, you can indulge in your choice of breakfast or check out the bakery for a delicious treat.

The skillet bowls are a delicious take on breakfast around the world where you can choose from Mediterranean to Parisian and of course the all-American. From the bakery try their homemade cinnamon rolls that are oversized and topped with their award-winning cream cheese icing.

Lovely Square

The Lovely Square has a little bit of a later start than many of the other breakfast places by opening at 8 but it’s the perfect time to enjoy their menu variety.

Start off with a savory omelet or crepe and finish off with a sweet crepe or pancakes. Be sure to pair it with the freshly squeezed orange juice and get an immunity boost with their homemade power juice.

The crepes are worth a try here since the owner and his family are from France. So, you will find notes of French cuisine here in an American style, with Spanish influences as well.

Brooklyn Bagels & Deli Beneva

Do you love bagels for breakfast? If so you’ll love Brooklyn Bagels & Deli where they make their bagels fresh every day.

They offer 21 different New York style bagel options and 10 cream cheese flavors. This is definitely the place to go if you want bagels but they also have a full menu with sandwiches, salads and more.

They now have two locations in Sarasota open daily from 7a.m. so be sure to give them a try.

Kurtos Chimney Cake

The Kurtos Chimney Cakes is the place for freshly baked pastries that are rolled into a cylinder and then baked in a specially designed oven that turns the cylinder around slowly so that the outside gets caramelized.

Once the cake is baked it gets rolled into different savory and sweet toppings. The sweet chimney cakes are made into desserts while the savory ones get used for sandwiches, subs, and appetizers.

This is a unique take on breakfast but definitely a delicious one. The breakfast sandwich options include a chimney bread stuffed with ham, turkey, or bacon with cheese, spinach and eggs.

The owner Anika, who grew up in Hungary, and moved to the United States had started to miss her childhood treats. She began to bake them on her own and soon opened her own bakery bringing the popular European pastry to the Sarasota area.

First Watch

First Watch is a popular breakfast chain with healthy food options. It might not be a unique experience but with several locations in Sarasota, it is a reliable place for a good breakfast.

They open at 7a.m. serving the classic favorites and reimagined dishes. There are plenty of options to choose from including hearty meals with meat and vegetarian options.

Use the get in line option on their site to avoid waiting in lines and have the best breakfast experience in Sarasota.