15 Best Sea Glass Beaches In Florida

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Florida’s coastline is renowned for its pristine beaches, but hidden among the sand and surf lie treasures of a different kind: sea glass. For casual beachcombers and long-time collectors alike, the hunt for these ocean-worn gems is an exciting pursuit. 

Less common than sea shells and shark teeth, sea glass is a hot commodity in the Sunshine State. If you’re interested in finding some colorful shards, you’ll have to know where to look.

From the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic, here are the best sea glass beaches in Florida.

What is Sea Glass?

The smooth and delicate sea glass that washes up on Florida’s sandy shores is the product of years and years of physical and chemical pummeling. You wouldn’t know from the final form, but most sea glass starts out as broken bottles, glassware, and other discarded glass products. 

The ebb and flow of the ocean act as a tumbler for the glass, molding it into the smooth, frosted shards that beachgoers love to collect. Whether you’re an artist, a collector, or just looking for a unique souvenir from your Florida travels, sea glass is a well-loved and increasingly difficult to come by artifact. 

Navarre Beach

If you’re determined to get your hands on some of this colorful coastal treasure, one of the best sea glass beaches in Florida is Navarre Beach. Located along the Panhandle, gusty winds create big waves – the perfect condition for an abundance of sea glass!

Navarre Beach is quite popular, but it has yet to be overly developed. Come enjoy the beautiful white sand, the turquoise blue waters, and hopefully a hefty haul of sea glass!

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island sits off of Florida’s Gulf Coast and is famed for its abundance of beautiful sea shells. But hiding underneath those sun-bleached shells is a large collection of sea glass. It will take a keen eye to find the colorful glass amongst the shells, but if you’re willing to look, there’s plenty to find.

Bowman’s Beach is perhaps the best place on the island for hunting down sea glass, and it’s also one of the most remote. As you sift through sand and shells, you’ll likely see lots of birds, too, due to the lack of development in this area.

Captiva Island

Known as the sister island of Sanibel, Captiva Island is another one of the best sea glass beaches in Florida. The island is located in the Gulf of Mexico, just north of Sanibel. You can visit both islands in one day if you’re serious about your sea glass search. 

Like its sister, Captiva Island is often covered in a thick layer of sea shells. You’ll have to dig a bit to find the sea glass, so the best times to visit are during low tide or after a storm when the shells are already disrupted.

Nokomis Beach

Situated on the southern tip of Casey Key, Nokomis is the oldest beach in Sarasota County. This is an extremely popular spot for beach combing, with treasures like shells, shark teeth, and, of course, sea glass often found by hunters strolling along the beach. 

The sea glass at Nokomis Beach is often a warm brown hue, though more vibrant colors can also be found with a bit of patience. You may want to start your search early in the morning, as this beach gets pretty crowded by mid-day.

Siesta Key

Often lauded as one of the best beaches in Florida, Siesta Key Beach is a great spot to search for sea glass. The clear water and fine white sand make it easy to find colorful chunks of glass, plus other treasures like sand dollars and shells. 

If Siesta Key Beach is a bit too crowded for your liking, check out the lesser-known Turtle Beach, located nearby. If you’re lucky, you may even see some turtles – the beach is named for the sea turtles who nest here!

Jupiter Island

The east coast is also home to some of the best sea glass beaches in Florida, including the lovely Jupiter Island. This barrier island has plenty of undeveloped coastline, and the gentle waves provide a welcome reprieve from the hot sand on sunny days. 

Coral Cove Park is perhaps the best place to search for glass on the island, and you could easily spend hours combing the soft sand here.

Hutchinson Island

Located just north of Jupiter Island, you can continue your search for sea glass on Hutchinson Island. Legend has it that there are remnants of old Spanish shipwrecks off the shore, and well-worn debris (including glass) often washes ashore here. 

Like its neighbor, Hutchinson Island is in pristine condition with very little development. That means you’ll likely find lots of natural treasure like shells and shark teeth as you beach comb. The best spot for finding sea glass here is Jenson Beach. 


Known for its tranquility and beautiful beaches, Venice is a lovely coastal retreat located along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Venice Beach is a designated Blue Beach, which means it is recognized for its clean, accessible shores and clear, calm waters. 

You can often find shells and sea glass along the beach, especially after a big storm. The soft sand makes it a great place for wandering, and the laid-back ambiance makes for a relaxing day of hunting.


Jacksonville Beach is one of the most famous places to search for shark teeth, but it’s also one of the best sea glass beaches in Florida. The rough, choppy Atlantic waters wear down glass of all different hues, from light pastels to rarer shades of blue. 

If you don’t have any luck at Jacksonville Beach, you can head to Hanna Park or Cinnamon Beach.

Cinnamon Beach

Unfortunately, Cinnamon Beach is a private beach, so access is exclusively for the Ocean Hammock community. Luckily, there are a few public access points to the beach, so you can search for sea glass along this scenic stretch even if you’re not a guest of the resort. 

From Jacksonville Beach, you can head south on the A1A highway towards Cinnamon Beach. You’ll find several public access points along the way, and you may even see some unique wildlife – this stretch is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail. Most people don’t know about the public access points at Cinnamon Beach, so you’ll find uncrowded shores as you search for sea glass.

Fort De Soto Beach Park

With miles of coastline facing the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, Fort De Soto Beach is one of the best sea glass beaches in Florida. This historic park stretches across five islands and features a large concentration of sea glass in a variety of colors. 

The calm, clear waters make Fort De Soto a popular spot for seeking out sea glass, but there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy here if you tire of beach combing. You can explore a Spanish-America War-era fort, hike the nature trails, or rent a kayak.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Florida, and it’s also a great spot to hunt for sea glass. The stark white sand makes the glass easier to spot, and the wide, flat beach means that there is plenty of space for sea glass to hide. 

The water here is also very pristine and clear, so you can even search for sea glass as you cool off in the surf.

St. Augustine

History buffs love St. Augustine for its colonial architecture and the lovely Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, but this northeastern city is also popular with beachgoers and sea glass collectors. 

Sandy St. Augustine Beach is a great place to start your search, and you’ll likely find mostly green colored glass here. You could also search the more tranquil Crescent Beach or Anastasia Beach, both located south of the St. Augustine city center.

Fort Meyers Beach

Thanks to soft white sand and gentle waves, you’ll have no problem finding colorful sea glass to add to your collection at Fort Meyers Beach. Located along the Gulf of Mexico, this large beach has about 30 public access points, so if you’re not having luck in one area, you can always pick a new spot and continue hunting. 

The scenery here is some of the best of any of Florida’s beaches, so you can take in some great views as you scan the sand for treasure. You’ll likely find some cool shells and maybe even some marine life as you comb the beach.

Clearwater Beach

Located on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater Beach beckons visitors from far and wide with its powdery white sand and beautiful turquoise water. This is a great spot to look for sea glass, and you’ll likely find some large shells, sand dollars, and other treasures as you search. 

This is a beautiful beach, so after you’ve wrapped up your hunt for sea glass, you can find a spot on the sand and soak up the sun, enjoy the views, or do some people watching. There are also plenty of activities and attractions in the surrounding area to keep visitors entertained for days on end.