Siesta Key Beach: A Guide to Florida’s #1 Beach

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Florida beaches are some of the most visited beaches in the nation. However, there is one that stands out and have been repeatedly named the number one beach – Siesta Key Beach.

With thousands of people visiting this beach every year, it has become a favorite in the state of Florida. And although Miami beaches are quite popular, something always draws people back to Siesta Key Beach.

What is so special about Siesta Key Beach?

Siesta Key Beach is popular for a reason. The white, soft sand is really what makes it special. On many beaches the sand is made out of some quartz, coral and other components that make sand more course and dark.

On Siesta Key Beach, the sand is made out of 99% quartz so that the sand is very fine, silky to the touch, and keeps cool even on the hottest days. The luxurious feeling of the silky sand combined with crystal clear, turquoise water makes the beach a top contender for one of the best beaches in Florida.

Another feature of the beach is that it is very long and very wide. It is so wide that it actually takes a little while to walk from the car to the water. However, since so may people visit Siesta Key Beach that means there is enough space for everyone without it feeling too overcrowded.

The beach has nice amenities as well, like a large parking area, concession stands (10a.m. – 5p.m.), beach chair and umbrella rentals, bathrooms, outdoor showers, volleyball nets, children’s playground, tennis courts, and grilling with picnic areas.

Can you swim at Siesta Key?

Siesta Key Beach provides some of the best swimming in Florida. This beach has clear water and is usually very calm which makes it perfect to spend the day in the water.

You can enjoy the warm, clear water any time of the year. During the summer months the water is very warm getting up to 85 degrees. During the winter the water cools off and can get to a low of 65 degrees. On average, you can expect the water to be around 70 degrees.

While swimming, you can be worry-free since there are lifeguards on duty during the day hours.

Do you have to pay to get into Siesta Key Beach?

Visiting Siesta Key Beach is free. Unlike some other beaches in Florida, the parking at Siesta Key Beach is completely free. However, it is best to arrive early so that you have better chances of finding a parking spot since the beach tends to b very crowded.

Beach access and some amenities are free to use as well, however, concessions and other extras may have some costs.

What is the best month to visit Siesta Key?

Siesta Key Beach is great to visit any time of the year but there are certain times to keep in mind.

March – May: This is probably the best time to visit Siesta Key. It’s not too hot and not too cold. The weather starts warming up and so does the water.

June- Early August: What is a more perfect summer than a summer at the beach. That being said, keep in mind it gets very hot in Florida over the summertime. If you handle heat well and don’t mind really warm water, then this is a great time to visit.

Late August-November: It starts to cool off in Florida but also comes with the hurricane season. Although hurricanes can start all the way in June, it is usually not very likely. The month that Florida has the most hurricanes in is September so keep that in mind when booking your trip.

December-February: This is the ideal time in Florida. It is the perfect time when its not too hot and not too cold. However, if you are coming to Florida for the beach and swimming it might get slightly chilly in the water. The water doesn’t normally get colder than 60 degrees so it is still possible to enjoy the beach.

You can see what conditions to expect before you go with this live cam of the beach.

Siesta Key Map

Siesta Key, which is a short drive from Sarasota, is a small island but has many things to enjoy. To plan your trip better, use this map to get an idea where all the things you want to do are located.

Things To Do At Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach is the most popular way to spend time on this island, but there are more things to do during your stay. Here are some of our favorites.

Crescent Beach – this beach is just south of Siesta Key Beach on the same strip of sand but has a little bit less of a crowd. Spend some time on this beach as well for something different and explore the area around it.

Point of Rocks – Near Crescent Beach is this limestone rock formation that is perfect for snorkeling. You will be able to see schools of fish and other underwater sea life. The deepest it gets is only about 20 feet but be sure to take safety precautions when exploring the area.

Siesta Key Village – This is place to go for shops and restaurants. After a day in the sun at the beach, cool off with a cold drink and a bite to eat. Then you can stroll around the shops to look for the perfect souvenir to take home.

Places To Stay At Siesta Key Beach

There are plenty of places to stay at Siesta Key from hotels to Airbnb. Get a room with a view on the beach, opt for a pool too, or have your own hammock to relax on. These places are sure to make your stay memorable.

The Inn On Siesta Key – This Inn is right across from the beach and only a 5 minute walk to Siesta Village. Enjoy fully equipped kitchens, beach towels, and a heated pool with jacuzzi.

Siesta Key Beach Side Villas – Enjoy a day in the sun by the pool and hammocks after a visit to the beach of course. Rentals of bikes are inclusive in your resort stay so be sure to explore the island in the best way.

Hyatt Residence Club Sarasota Beautifully landscaped and just feet away from the beach, this hotel offers beautiful views. Enjoy an on-site restaurant, pool and fitness center while on your stay.