14 Cutest Cat Cafes In Florida

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The famous cat cafes of Asia have officially made their way to Florida! There are a handful of coffee shops that offer hang-out experiences with cats in the state’s major cities. These can make for exciting and unique experiences for locals and tourists alike.

In addition to the fun nature of drinking coffee with cats, many of these cat cafes offer shelters for strays. The socialization helps teach them to be great pets and get them adopted into loving homes! So if you are looking for the best cafes to enjoy these experiences as well as help out the cause, follow along to find which places to add to your list.

1. Good Luck Cat Cafe

The first on our list is the Good Luck Cat Cafe located in Fort Lauderdale! This is a very small cafe that is centered around trying to get its cats adopted. They have about 10 felines at a time and are a quaint little store that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the company of furry friends.

This cafe runs solely on donations, so by visiting them and donating a few dollars you can really help them out! They care deeply about their cats and have a thorough process to ensure they are adopted by the best owners. The shop opens at 11 am every day and is located in the FAT Village Arts District, so if you are in the area you should stop by!

2. The Witty Whisker Cat Cafe

Next up is the Witty Whisket Cat Cafe in St. Augustine. It is the perfect hang-out spot that offers a regular cafe menu as well as some craft beer and wine options. At this location, the cafe simply looks like a cat-themed cafe. But the feline hang-out area is in an adjacent room so you do not have to see the cats if you do not want to.

The cat lounge is separate to ensure the cats do get overwhelmed by too many people. You can look through a window and enjoy the cats from afar, or pay a $10 fee to go sit with them in the lounge. This admission fee is to help pay for the cats’ vet and food needs in order to help sustain the organization. With about 15 cats to enjoy, you will surely find a favorite when you visit!

3. Cats & Caffeine Cat Lounge

Along with getting your caffeine fix, the Cats & Caffeine Cat Lounge allows you to hang out with the cutest cats. The good news is that if you fall in love with one of them, they are adoptable! They are dedicated to saving homeless cats and finding great homes for them all in the Tampa area.

Meanwhile, you can take pictures and play with the kitties while hanging out at the cafe. The space itself is a cute pink interior with lots of fluffy rugs to sit on while playing with the cats.

There is an entry fee that helps the cafe keep running and providing a better home for the cats. You can even host special events and “pawties” if you book the whole place to yourself. Or, you can visit on one of their special events like painting or movie night with the cats.

4. Fat Cat Cafe

If you are in Tallahassee, the Fat Cat Cafe is the place to be! This cafe has been in operation and facilitating adoptions since 2017 and is well-established in the area. Their cafe has a mild selection of drinks and snacks to enjoy as you play with the cats. They are a great organization that works with multiple shelters in the area to ensure every feline is taken care of and hopefully found their forever home!

All of their cats are usually available to adopt, but they enjoy some socialization time if that is all you can give. Their cuddle room is $8 per hour, where adults and children can play with the cats and snuggle up with them. They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays and have around 20 cats at one time.

5. The Cat’s Meow Cafe

The Cat’s Meow Cafe is located in Miami and may be one of the best on this list! This organization is well established with a very sleek cafe and lounge room to enjoy. On top of simply playing with the cats, they have different events like Cat Yoga and painting night that you can sign up for.

The shop is closed on Mondays for a thorough cleaning, but is open the rest of the week starting at 12 pm! They also have a merch shop, so you can go home with a cute cat tote if you really love the place. Reservations to see their cats are encouraged as they have lots of people coming through their doors!

6. The Kitty Beautiful

The Kitty Beautiful is located in downtown Orlando, so there is no need to go hunting for this location. On the outside they are a very standard cafe, offering free Wi-Fi as well as coffee, kombucha, sandwiches, and handmade sodas! But for $13 you can spend a full hour hanging out with their 18 cats.

This location has seen over 400 adoptions since it opened in late 2019. They consistently work with non-profits as well, so every dollar goes back to their cats! Seeing as this cafe is separate from the cat area, it is perfect for those who want to support a cat cafe without having cats walk over your computer!

7. Sunshine Kitty Catfe

Beyond their clever name, the Sunshine Kitty Catfe is a fully thought-out experience in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg. They work solely off of reservations so they can control the number of people in their lounge at one time. Once you are checked in, they get your drink orders and introduce you to the cats. Where you can play with them and enjoy the community aspect of their space as well!

This cafe is focused on the socialization of their cats, but also the healing of humans! They understand the therapeutic nature of hanging out with animals, and it is a large focus of their mission. You do need a reservation to get in, so it is best to plan your trip in advance!

cat cafes in Florida

8. The Cattyshack Cafe

In Fort Myers, the Cattyshack Cafe provides a place where anyone can come and enjoy spending some time with the cats. This cafe is focused on helping as many cats as possible, relieving some stress from the shelters in the area. Fort Myers has about 250,000 stray cats, so even small cafes such as this can make a real impact.

Reservations for their cat room are highly encouraged, but not required. But it is best to do so to be sure you get time with the cats! They are open every day at 9 am, and have a large selection of specialty drinks and snacks to enjoy during your visit! If you love the place, they also have a merch shop so you can take some of the experience home with you.

9. Orlando Cat Cafe

Clemont, Florida is home of the Orlando Cat Cafe. The sleek cafe at the entrance looks very modern and has a lot of food options to choose from. The cafe is set up with nice furniture and is home to about 15 free-range kitties who are very excited to see you!

Once again, reservations are highly encouraged if you want guaranteed time with cats! It is $10 per adult and $8 per child for an hour with the cats. All of the pets are adoptable, but they are also perfect for getting some gentle affection from furry friends too!

10. Caffeinated Cat

The Caffeinated Cat has established itself in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a very social media active cafe, that makes it easy to follow the lives of each of their cats online. Once you visit the cafe you will get to see all the adorable buildings made for cats and humans to enjoy, such as the US PSPSPSPS mailbox!

You really do not need reservations for this cafe and are very friendly to walk-ins! Their cafe is cute and simple and they are constantly bringing in new additions once the cats get adopted. If you are on Jax Beach in Jacksonville, you should certainly stop by and support these furry friends.

11. Tally Cat Cafe

Then there is the Tally Cat Cafe, located in Tallahassee Florida. Not only do they have some of the cutest cats around, but you can also watch them from inside the café. The café is separate from the cat lounge and even has a wall-to-wall viewing glass with bar seating for those wanting to see the cats.

They charge $10.00 an hour per person to enter the Cat Lounge (which includes access to all three rooms), which makes it a pretty affordable option if you’re looking for some cuddles while sipping on your favorite beverage. Not only do patrons get to enjoy some delicious coffee and wine, but they can also interact with the furry felines in one of their favorite spots!

12. Frisky Cat Cafe

The Frisky Cat Cafe is another cat cafe in St. Augustine. The Frisky Cat Cafe is a nonprofit rescue that is trying to make the adoption environment more fun! They serve locally roasted coffee, smoothies, beer, wine, and some delicious pastries in an amazing café vibe. Our cat lounge vibe is a relaxing minimalistic space that feels oh-so luxe with our furry friends, Nordic styles, comfy furniture, furry pillows, and floor futons.

They currently have over 50 resident cats and kittens who are looking for love and a home. A donation of $10 is required for all visits which goes towards food costs as well as their vet bills- it’s definitely worth checking out!

13. Feeline Good Cat Cafe

This cat cafe was created for cat lovers by cat lovers. Feeline Good Cat Cafe is located in Gainesville, Florida and to visit this cafe reservations are strongly recommended since there are a maximum of six people permitted in the cat room.

This cat cafe all started with Francesca and Ozzy, the cat she adopted. They quickly became the best of friends and she was inspired to create a space where others can find their best friend too.

While there is no fee to enter the cafe where anyone can enjoy it, to enter the cat room it costs $10 for half an hour or $15 for an hour.

14. Purrology

The owner of this little cat cafe, Purrology, has always been a cat lover. She then had a chance to visit a cat cafe and decided to open up one of her own.

To enter the cat cafe, you have to pay by the hour. Then, you will have the opportunity to play and interact with the cats.

You can give one of their cats a forever home, or you can just enjoy the cats at the cafe while having a cup of coffee and a sweet treat.

This cafe is located in Lakeland Florida and is open 11a.m. – 6 p.m. Arrive 10 minutes before your booked reservation if you want to purchase a coffee and treat.

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