10 Warmest Florida Beaches In December And January

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The state of Florida is known to be the home of snowbirds, as people flee from the cold winter to the warm breezes of Floridian beaches. It is an oasis that stays around 75°F all year round making for a tropical Christmas and New Year. However, not all beaches are created the same.

Today, we will take a look at ten of the warmest beaches in Florida during the coldest winter months! This way you will know exactly where to book your trip so that you can soak up every inch of the Florida sun. Naturally, the more south you get, the warmer the beaches tend to be. Many of these beaches stay around 70 degrees which is a very comfortable temperature for swimming and enjoying the beach at winter time.


One of the most southern places you can visit in Florida, other than the Keys, is Miami. This popular city has some of the best warmest beaches in Florida. It is no wonder the beaches in Miami are renowned worldwide.

South Beach is one of the most visited stretches of beach along the Miami coast. With its white sand and crystal clear waters, Miami Beach is a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. On average, the water remains around 75 degrees making it a great place to enjoy the beach in the winter.

In the background, the Art Deco buildings create a unique backdrop and a lively atmosphere for exploring beyond the beaches.

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach

Warm Fort Zachary State Park Beach

Next up we head to the Florida Keys to Fort Zachary Taylor Beach! This is one of the warmest Florida clear water beaches in December and January. During the day temperatures can climb up to 80°F! However, nights can get chilly on these coasts so you may need a jacket if you like evening walks on the beach.

This is an ideal beach for people with all kinds of interests. Since Fort Zachary is in Key West, there is a ton of wildlife to explore on and around the beach! This town was also a major base for the Civil War, so there are tons of historical sites to explore as well.

Tigertail Beach Park

If you’re looking for some warm, sunny beaches to escape the winter cold, look no further than Tigertail Beach Park on Marco Island. Daily high temperatures range around 79°F, which means that this is the perfect spot to spend a day swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. Marco Island is one of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, which makes it unique from many of the other locations on this list.

In addition to being comfortable temperatures all year round, Tigertail Beach Park also boasts crystal-clear water and soft white sand. With a large variety of sea birds to admire and lots of water-based activities available, you will find this beach the perfect escape from the wind and snow of winter!

Bowman’s Beach

Bowman’s Beach on Sanibel Island is one of the most impressive beaches in Florida during the winter months.

Although temperatures can reach highs around 80°F, you can expect variations with slight drops, especially after the sun sets down. The temperature usually stays around 76-78°F throughout the day, which makes it a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening.

This island is a quiet escape from the packed Miami beaches you may be familiar with. You can easily enjoy the pure white sand beaches and shallow surf during your winter trip. Even if the evenings get a bit chilly, it is still a very warm beach to spend your time!

Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach Florida

Deerfield Beach is one of the best places to stay in Florida during December or January! The weather stays warm, at around 78°F during the heat of the day, and there is a variety of things to do in the area. This beach is located in central Florida, so you can easily reach it no matter where you are coming from.

There is never a dull moment in Deerfield beach because of all the nearby attractions. This area holds the Deerfield Beach Arboretum, Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park! So, the weather is warm and you can do so much more than simply sit in the sun. You can also enjoy wakeboarding, surfing, and skiing!

Smathers Beach

Warm Winter Beach Smathers

Once again, we head to the Florida Keys! Smathers Beach is a great option for those looking for a nice warm beach for the holidays. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, this beach regularly sees highs in the upper 70s, making it a great spot to enjoy some sunshine while staying cool.

In addition, December in Key West normally has low humidity levels which make for comfortable days spent outdoors. This means the warm temperatures do not feel overwhelmingly hot and you can enjoy a nice and temperate vacation! The Keys are also quite accessible if you fly into Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Orlando!

Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach, Naples

Finally, we visit Naples! Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach is one of the best high-end beaches in Florida, and perfect to visit during December and January.

The average daily temperature at Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach in Naples during December is around 77°F, which makes it a great spot to enjoy the beach season.

In January, the average daily temperature at Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach in Naples ranges from a low of 73°F to a high of 79°F, which is perfectly warm for most people living north of this state. Making it an ideal location for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling all month long!

Clearwater Beach, Pinellas

Clearwater Beach

If you’re looking for the warmest Florida beach near Tampa in December and January, Clearwater Beach should definitely be on your list.

Located in Pinellas, this pristine beach is perfect for enjoying the warm shallow ocean water while you drink a refreshing cocktail! It is a well-organized beach with a handful of activities inland if you would like to do a bit of exploring.

As far as the weather is concerned, you can expect slight fluctuations but the temperatures will most likely hit the upper 70s. Since this beach is in the northern part of the state, sometimes cold snaps can come through from the north but it is not too common. But if it gets any colder and Miami might actually be a better option!

Juno Beach Park, Juno Beach

There are a few Florida beaches that remain warm throughout December and January. Juno Beach Park is one of the best beach destinations for those looking to avoid the cold weather while still enjoying some incredible views.

The temperatures typically stay around the mid-70’s all year round, so you can be sure that you will be comfortable no matter what time of year it is.

 Oceanfront Park Beach, Boynton Beach

If you’re looking for a warm and comfortable beach to visit in December and January, look no further than J Oceanfront Park Beach in Boynton Beach.

Average sea temperatures at this beach during these months are around 76°F, making it the ideal location for enjoying an exciting day out on the water.

Additionally, there is never any shortage of people visiting this lovely spot – so you’ll always have plenty of company!