17 Best Pizza Places In Sarasota Florida

Best Pizza In Sarasota Florida

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Looking for the best pizza in Sarasota Florida? When it comes to satisfying cravings and indulging in a universally beloved comfort food, few things can rival the pure delight of a well-crafted pizza. In the vibrant city of Sarasota, Florida, there is a diverse array of pizzerias that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Each pizza joint on our list has earned its place through a combination of exceptional flavors, quality ingredients, and a commitment to culinary excellence. From family-owned pizzerias that have stood the test of time to contemporary establishments pushing the boundaries of pizza artistry, these destinations promise to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.

Join us as we explore the most beloved pizza places that have captivated the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors alike. From traditional classics to contemporary innovations, this is your guide to discovering the best pizza restaurants that Sarasota has to offer.


Atmosphere is one of the top favorite pizza places in Sarasota for locals. It is located in an unassuming location, but when you step through the doors, you are greeted with a cozy little restaurant that serves some of the best pizza in town.

Their authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizza is made fresh with high quality imported ingredients. Some of their most popular pizzas are the Napoletana and Pizza Vesuvio. Once you order your pizza, you are able to watch them make it through the glass.

Pizza is a must-try while at Atmosphere, but they also serve other dishes which are tastefully prepared as well. After your dinner, be sure to order dessert, like their Tiramisu which has decadent layers.

Baker & Wife

For the atmosphere and good food, Baker & Wife doesn’t disappoint. The high-quality, artisan food restaurant is owned by Chef Correa whose love for food led him to work in some of the world’s high end restaurants and start his own chain of restaurants.

The menu at Baker & Wife is not just pizza. It features a variety of appetizers & salads and dinner plates. However, the pizza really stands out here with one of the most popular choice being the Clemenza. This pizza is topped with spicy calabrese salami, sweet Italian sausage, garlic confit, Calabrian chili, goat cheese, maple syrup and arugula. This intriguing combination of flavors will make this place on of your favorite pizza places in Sarasota.

Solarzano’s Pizzeria

There are a few locations of Solarzano’s but the one we recommend is located at the original location on Webber Street in Sarasota. This pizzeria really has a passion for pizza serving up East Coast style pizza. The owner grew up in New Jersey where he learned how to make pizza while working at his father’s pizzeria.

Along with the pizzas, you can try their hearty calzones filled with a cheesy ricotta and mozzarella blend served with a side of red sauce. If you choose to stick to the pizzas, they do have gluten free and cauliflower crust options as well.


Shaner’s is another one of the locals top favorites. There, you will find the best thin crust pizza in Sarasota. The restaurant has been serving the pizza from 1991 so they know how to make delicious pizzas that people love.

The dough is made fresh daily with high quality ingredients and you can pick your own toppings or choose one of the specialty pizzas. Although pizza is certainly their specialty, they serve up other items on the menu including tasty appetizers, wings, sandwiches, salads and other dinner entrees.


Located in the popular Armand’s Circle, Venezia offers classic Italian dishes. It features a lunch and a dinner menu with pasta dishes, wood-oven baked pizzas, paninis, and salads. Their homemade dough is one of their most-loved features about the pizza and some say it is comparable to the pizzas in Italy.

Their most popular dishes are the seafood scampi, the spaghetti with clams, and of course the Diavola Pizza which is made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and thinly sliced pepperoni. They have over 21 different pairings of pizzas bringing different flavors including a fun twist on a smoked salmon pizza.


This artisan pizza place has a husband and wife duo who take pizza making very seriously. Not only being from Italian heritage, they have dedicated their time to learning about the ingredients, prep, and craft of each type of pizza, and it shows.

Their Roman style pizza starts with the perfect dough which is prepped for 96 hours. It is made with the right mixture of flour, yeast and water and tended until maturation. They also make sure the water is perfect with their own filtration system.

With fresh ingredients, like even growing their own basil, the pizza is then made and baked in a double deck oven. Enjoy their flavor combinations and their attention to every detail of every pizza they make at RomanSQ.

Valentino Pizzeria

With two locations, this family restaurant serves up delicious Italian food. In fact, they like to call it “Grandma’s Italian Food” bringing about a sense of a homemade meal. This simple but authentic cuisine is what has people loving their dishes.

From appetizers to pasta dishes and other entrees, like the Amalfi dish, there are many options on the menu. But the ones that stand out the most are the large varieties of pizzas. From thin crusts to thick crusts, and flavor combinations you might not have tried before, Valentino’s has delicious pizza picks.

Rico’s Pizzeria & Pasta House

Having four locations to choose from, Rico’s is a popular choice for pizza in Sarasota. One of their most well-known locations is right in the St. Armand’s circle which is one of the best places to visit in Sarasota.

Their menu features pasta dishes, baked dishes like lasagna, stromboli’s and calzones, subs, and pizza. Whether you pick a simple white pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, fresh garlic, parmesan cheese and oil, or a meat pizza, Rico’s delivers on its pizza flavors.

Cafe Barboso

Cafe Barboso is a unique Italian restaurant in Sarasota and it happens to have some delicious pizza. As one of the oldest Italian restaurants in the area, they know how to make exceptional food. This establishment has been open since 1988 and is usually open from 4pm to 9pm Tuesday through Sunday. Most nights, there is live music entertainment to enjoy along with your meal.

On the dinner menu, you will find their personal pizzas with a large variety of flavors. Some of the pizzas are NY-style with some of the favorites being Italian Sausage and Spinach ‘n Artichoke. They also have gluten-free options and an option to pick out your own creation.

While this is one of the best pizza places to try in Sarasota, if you want to come back and try other things on the menu, the Chef’s Table is worth a try. Starting at 6:30pm the chef tasting is a 8-course meal that takes you on a culinary journey around the world and can be enjoyed with a prior reservation.

Flavio’s Brick Oven & Bar

When visiting Sarasota, Siesta Key Beach is one of the most popular beaches and it happens to be close to Flavio’s Brick Oven Pizza & Bar. So, if you’re having a beach day and decide to get some pizza for lunch, Flavio’s is a top pick on Siesta Key.

Although the Siesta Key location is their prime location, they also have another restaurant nestled in the heart of Sarasota. Both restaurants capture the flavors of this Italian cuisine by cooking their pizzas in a brick oven. The refined dishes are prepared with the finest ingredients and plated beautifully.

1592 Wood Fired Kitchen

At 1592 in Sarasota, the bright and bold flavors make this a delicious pizza place. Using fresh local flavors with unique combinations, this mix of Italian/Greek restaurant is worth stopping by. One of their more intriguing flavor combinations is the Seafood and Goat Cheese Pizza. The shrimp, scallops and flounder are piled on top of goat cheese, mozzarella, chimichurri and arugula.

They also have a part of the menu that is made by being cooked in the wood fired grill such as the ribeye and grilled lamb chops. If you’re wondering what some of the local favorites are, then order some 1592 spicy ceviche, grilled octopus, or the grilled whole branzino for two.

Il Panifico

If a large thin crust is what makes the perfect pizza for you, then Il Panifico is the place to eat. With two locations to pick from, Siesta Key and Downtown SRQ, and a large selection of pizza toppings to choose from, this is one of the top places for pizza in Sarasota.

If you can’t decide between the Everything Pizza or the Tomato, Basil & Prosciutto, you can always order two different pizza halves to try both. Or, you can create your very own masterpiece by picking out your favorite toppings.


For smaller gourmet pies head over to Napule Sarasota. This Italian restaurant is the new project of the former owners Made In Italy Restaurant in Venice Florida. Now, their menu offers refined dishes like spaghetti alla bolognese or the lasagna napule and many other dishes that include freshly made pasta, sauces, and breads.

Their pizza is cooked in a wood burning oven, prepared just as you would expect if you were in Italy. From the atmosphere to the food and ingredients, such as their selection of imported cured meats, you will feel like you’ve stepped into a different country.

If you are having an event and want to cater some of their mouthwatering pizza, The Piaggio Ape is their three-wheeled vehicle that transports a wood burning stove to your location. It comes with a private chef that will create their original pizzas.

Origin Pizza

The Origin Pizza Cafe has become so popular that they have opened up four locations across Sarasota. They have been serving the area since 2016 which makes them very knowledgeable in what their customer’s love.

One of their locations is by the UTC mall so if you’re doing some shopping in Sarasota, be sure to stop by this tasty pizza place. Some of their pies have a Greek twist so you will find many flavors like hummus, Mediterranean relish, falafel and beef gyro meat.

Asaro’s Pizzeria

The menu is extensive at Asaro’s which means it’s perfect for group pizza outings since everyone can find something they like here. To start off your meal, you have an option of appetizers, soup or salad. Then, you can pick out your choice of pasta, baked pasta, eggplant dish, chicken, veal, seafood, heros, sides, and of course, pizza.

The personal pizza comes as a 10″ as well as the gluten-free pizza. Larger pizzas are 16″ like the Asaro’s Special Pie which is topped with peppers, onions, black olives, sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, and mushrooms. Get a cheese calzone or garlic knots to share and the perfect pizza night is set.

Pizza Chef

At the Sarasota Crossings Mall, is located a small pizza place, Pizza Chef. With specially prepared, hand-tossed dough and Italian gourmet toppings, you can taste the fresh flavors of every pizza. Their basic cheese pizza, Via Blanco, is elevated by adding provolone cheese, baby feathered Swiss cheese along with mozzarella then glazed with olive oil and topped with fresh basil.

For those who love the Hawaiian, Aloha Mahkana is not only topped with pineapple but mandarin oranges as well for a fun twist. Other flavorful items on the menu include the subs baked on homemade bread and topped with meats, vegetables, and a cheesy melt.

Oak & Stone

One of the best restaurants for great pizza in Sarasota is Oak & Stone. The artisan pizzas go through a thorough process of preparing the signature dough with a triple-filtered water system and a 36-hour fermentation. This gives their thin crust a unique flavor and texture that is the perfect base for the pizzas.

If you love both chicken and pizza, maybe it’s worth to try the Winger which has Buffalo chicken tenders, cheddar, ranch, hot sauce aioli, scallion and crumbled bleu cheese. If that combination is not your pick, go All The Way with the pizza that has sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, black olives, mozzarella, pizza sauce and parmesan. Otherwise, have a go at building your own pizza with their many options including a gluten free crust.