15 Best Sunflower Fields In Florida

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Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and warm weather, but sometimes it is nice to take a break from the sand and try something different! An enchanting activity to do in the transitional seasons is visiting a sunflower field in Florida. The long growing seasons of Florida make this activity sometimes available twice a year.

Luckily, there are lots of sunflower fields all over Florida. All of them are beautiful, but depending on what you want to do some offer more activities than others. Follow along to see all the best sunflower fields in Florida and choose which ones to add to your trip itinerary!

1. Southern Hill Sunflower Field

If you are looking for some kind of farm activity all year round, Southern Hill Sunflower Field is the place to be! They are located 22 miles west of Orlando in the city of Clermont. They have several acres of sunflowers planted in both the fall and spring of each year.

Admission and parking at this farm are free. So if you are on a budget, you can simply walk around the fields admiring the rows of sunflowers! The farm has many seasonal crops that you can pick and bring home yourself, only paying for the produce. You are also able to pick some flowers during your visit for $2 a stem!

On top of all these wonderful activities, they hold several events year-round that you can attend. For families with kids, they also have a kid’s fun zone to entertain them with! Southern Hill’s hours vary on the season, but you should plan to visit mid-day during the end of the week as that is when they are usually open.

2. The Pickin’ Patch

The Pickin’ Patch is a great sunflower field for those who like areas that are a bit less crowded. This farm is located in Dunnellon, which is about an hour and a half drive from Orlando. It is a more rural family farm that is low-cost with plenty of acres to explore.

The cost for each person is $5 to enter, but kids under 3 years are free! You are also able to pick some sunflowers here for $2 a flower, or 3 flowers for $5. Admission grants you access to the picture spots, hay fort and slides, kids hay maze, corn maze, and occasionally some live music. Plus, parking is free!

Fall tends to be the best time to visit this farm since they have many fall crops available to see and pick! They are famous for their large pumpkin and gourd plants, seeing as they do not grow very easily in Florida. It is best to check their website beforehand, as sometimes the weather inhibits their crops and they close down early for the year.

3. Mick Farms

Mick Farms is a beautiful, chic farm located about 40 minutes from Orlando. They have a large variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers available during different seasons. The interesting part of this farm is that they sell their own merchandise, meaning you can buy a nice tote to hold your fresh-cut sunflowers!

There is currently no fee to enter Mick Farm! You can walk around their grounds admiring the beautiful flowers and plants around every corner. They have fresh produce to buy, as well as flowers, but the prices vary depending on the season. So it is best to check out their website to see what to expect during your visit.

The drive of Mick Farms is to provide fresh and nutritious produce to everyone. They are very community focused and are the perfect haven for organic produce lovers! Their community mission makes them unique from other farms, so you will certainly get a diverse experience even if you just visit their sunflower fields!

4. Cannon Farms

Around the sunflower season, Cannon Farms comes to life. This farm is located in Dunnellon Florida and it gives you plenty of admission options to choose from to enjoy their 30+ acres of sunflowers. They only take credit cards so be prepared to have a credit card with you.

The first is just 5 dollars to walk into the flower field where you get to take as many pictures as you’d like and enjoy the beautiful views. You will also get one free flower with your admission price and you can purchase extra sunflowers at $2 per stem or other flowers at $1 for three small stems.

The next options are the purchase of a $10 admission which gives you a 32oz cup to fill with as many flowers as you can. If you want even more flowers, the 1 gallon bucket is $25 admission which you can fill to the brim with flowers.

They also have some seasonal produce at their farmer’s market such as melons and cantaloupe, jams, snacks, and even have some farm animals on their farm you can see.

5. Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market

Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market is another farm mostly focused on produce production, but still, has a large sunflower field for you to visit. They are located in West Palm Beach, making a great stop on your trip if you are visiting the Miami area. They also have several markets around the area, where you can purchase their products if you want to revisit their food a day after your sunflower experience.

Prices for admission vary, so it is best to call ahead to see what you can expect. Their sunflower field opens in November and goes through the month of May. Making it the perfect stop for your warm holiday vacation!

Their strawberries are available for picking during the same time the sunflowers are in season, so you can spend a perfect day walking through the sunflower field and picking the perfect strawberries to enjoy later! They offer tractor rides, stone mining, and sometimes mechanical cow milking experiences!

6. Sledd’s U-Pick Farm

If you live near Mims, Florida, then this is the perfect farm to visit and have fun in a sunflower field and get some great photos in.

This is one of the more smaller farms where they mainly offer the sunflower fields and a pumpkin patch in the fall.

To know when they are open and the best time to go, check out their Facebook page where they have all of their updates.

The entry fee is $5 per person and they are a cash only farm.

Best Sunflower Fields In Florida

7. Harvest Moon Fun Farm

The Harvest Moon Fun Farm is a perfect sunflower field stop in you are in the Tampa area. This spot is located about an hour north of Tampa in a town called Masaryktown. Harvest Moon Farm offers a ton of activities outside their sunflower fields, so you can easily spend a whole day here!

Admission to the farm varies depending on the season or event. But the price averages at about $13 per person. As usual, kids under the age of three get in for free! Daily activities include carnival games, mazes, a petting zoo, and some carnival games!

This farm is open a lot more than the others, so you can almost always guarantee some farm fun while you are visiting the area. Their 5-acre sunflower field is open in the spring, and you can cut your flowers for $2 a stem!

9. Stanley Pond Adventure Farm

Stanley Pond Adventure Pond offers some of the most pristine sunflower fields near Orlando! They have 23 acres of outdoor activities to explore and are only half an hour northwest of Orlando, making it conveniently located for short visits! They are also great for families, having lots of games for the kids to enjoy.

This is also one of the less expensive farms to visit. Each person cost $10 admission to explore the whole farm, but this price includes a free vase to place your fresh cut flowers in! During the week you will need to make an appointment if you want to visit. However, the farm is open on weekends from 10 am to 4 pm.

Small children can enjoy a jumping pillow and splash pad, which are great for cooling down and running out some energy. This farm does not offer a lot of produce picking like the others. But it is a great location to enjoy the outdoors for a day.

10. The Land of Delight Natural Farm

The Land of Delight is located in the aptly named town of Plant City, which is just an hour’s drive from Orlando. This farm specializes in its plant nursery, where you can buy small fruit trees to take home with you! However, their sunflower fields are beautiful and usually at their peak in June of each year.

This farm is open every day of the week except Sunday! During the weekdays they open at 10 am and close at 5:30, but on Saturday they are open from 8 am to 5 pm. Ticket prices vary depending on the season, but you can expect to pay around $10 per person.

The Land of Delight has incredible sunflower fields, but also some crops to pick yourself and some farm animals to look at! If you are interested in their farming methods, they also offer different hands-on classes to learn from. So you can easily spend a morning in the sunflowers and an afternoon exploring their other attractions!

11. Graham Farms

Graham Farms is located in Central Florida, about 1 hour away from Orlando. Spring is the best time to visit Graham Farms, as they have a large variety of flowers planted that are blooming at the same time! That way you can get photos in sunflower, blanket flower, and wildflower fields all in the same spot.

One of the best parts of this farm is that there is no general admission! So if you choose, you only have to pay for the flowers or produce you pick yourself. Or you can simply peruse the fields enjoying the bountiful fields around you!

 They cover lots of seasonal events and produce picking, so it is best to check out their website to see what will be growing during your visit. They are open seasonally, so there is no guarantee your trip aligns with their crops. Just be sure to check out their site!

12. Coon Hollo

Located in Micanopy Florida right off of Highway 441, you will see an unmistakable big red mailbox and that’s where you need to turn into Coon Hollo Farm.

This farm has two main festivals, the spring and the fall festivals. The fall festival is all about the pumpkins, but the spring festival is where you will see all of the beautiful sunflowers.

The entry which costs $8 per person, includes two free sunflowers, a wagon ride to feed cows, farm animal visits, and of course, the sunflower field.

While there, you can enjoy locally grown produce and many delicious baked goods such as jams, cakes, cookies, and pies.

13. Sweetfields Farm

The Sweetfields Farm is great to visit if you are in Tampa or the west coast of Florida, where the farm is only an hour away! If you are in Orlando, the farm is 2 hours drive, however, the beauty of this place is worth it. They have a wide array of fresh produce, animals, and flowers to enjoy!

It is best to buy tickets online for this farm, as they are three dollars cheaper than in person! Tickets are $10.75 per person and are required for people ages three and up. The farm offers lots of picking opportunities as well as a sunflower maze in the spring!

Because of this, you will only catch sunflowers at this location in the spring. In the fall they offer a corn maze and a pumpkin patch, so you can still have fun here if you miss the sunflower growing season. This family farm is quiet, quaint, and full of beautiful oak trees and natural beauty. Be sure to check out their website beforehand to know what is in season during your visit.

14. The Berry Farms

The Berry Farms is the sunflower field to visit in the Miami area. They have a large sunflower festival in March, where you can get blissfully lost in a sunflower maze! Located on the southern side of Miami, this farm has a farmer’s market and strawberry picking to enjoy alongside their sunflowers.

During the weekdays, admission is $5 per person. Whereas on the weekends, it is $7 per adult and $5 per child. They have obstacle courses, playgrounds, and hay rides for the children to enjoy! Most of these activities are shaded, so you do not have to be scared off by the Miami heat.

What is even better, is they have BBQ and tacos available during the weekends. Which is the perfect snack after a long day of flower picking! On top of this, The Berry Farms holds several festivals throughout the year. So there is a lot more to enjoy than a mere hour in a sunflower field.

15. Hunsader Farm

Finally, the last sunflower hot spot on this list is the Hunsader Farm. It is located about 1 hour southeast of Tampa, and is one of the best things to do near Sarasota Florida.

Their sunflowers are only available in the springtime which makes this a pretty selective location, but that means the photos will be simply perfect.

Hunsader Farm is also one of the cheapest on this list, only charging you $1 for every sunflower you choose to pick! They also have a petting zoo, where admission is $5 per person. So this is a very affordable yet exclusive sunflower field experience for you to explore. Here you will also find sunflowers of yellow, purple, chocolate, and orange colors.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Sunflower Fields In Florida?

Despite the warm weather of Florida, sunflowers are a seasonal plant. However, the warm weather allows two sunflower seasons in this state! The best time to visit sunflower fields is in the springtime. This is when most fields are open for visitation as it is the natural flowering time of the plant.

Other Tips You Need To Know Before You Go

Closed-toe shoes -getting out in nature is fun but keep your feet protected while getting out in the fields.

Bug Spray – nature in Florida is full of bugs so if you want to deter them while you’re out in the fields, make sure you bring some bug spray.

Water – it gets hot out in the fields under the sun so be sure to stay hydrated and bring plenty of water with you.

Bring card and cash – some farms only take cards, and some only take cash so be prepared or ask ahead of time so that when you get there you have everything you need with you.

Vase or bucket – many farms will give you something to hold your fresh-picked flowers in but not all so bring an extra vase or bucket with you to take home some of those lovely flowers.

With so many options, it may be hard to choose which Floridian sunflower field you should visit! If you are considering a visit to any of these farms in the fall, it is best to call ahead or check their website to ensure they have sunflowers to see.

But no matter where you are in Florida, there is probably a sunflower field nearby to explore! You will even get to take a few flowers home with you to enjoy after your visit.