6 Best Sunflower Fields In (And Near) Miami Florida

Best Sunflower Fields In Miami

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Miami is known for its extensive white sand beaches, but oftentimes you need to do something different on your trip to southern Florida! Sunflower fields are an exquisite and enchanting experience to enjoy during your visit. Luckily, there are several sunflower fields to choose from around the city.

They often have other activities on their grounds, particularly for kids, so you can easily spend a good part of your day enjoying the land. Sunflower fields are great for memories and catching beautiful photos, but also offer a great moment in nature you can just enjoy.

Sunflower fields are often very affordable to visit, especially since Miami can quickly get expensive. So whether you want to take the kids to a wide open space to run, or are craving a sweet moment with your partner among the flowers, there is something for everyone in the sunflowers!

This article will contain the best sunflower fields to be found around Miami. The locations are listed in order from closest to furthest from the city. So if you are driving to a different town, you could stop by a sunflower field on the way there. Either way, here are the best fields you should add to your Miami itinerary.

1. Berry Farm

The Berry Farm is the sunflower field to visit if you are in the Miami area. They have a large sunflower festival in March, where you can get blissfully lost in a sunflower maze. Located on the southern side of Miami, this farm has a farmer’s market and strawberry picking to enjoy alongside their sunflowers.

During the weekdays, admission is $5 per person. Whereas on the weekends, it is $7 per adult and $5 per child. They have shaded obstacle courses, playgrounds, and hay rides for the children to enjoy! On weekends, they also offer delicious BBQ dishes and tacos to fuel you after a day of activities. You can easily spend a whole day here enjoying fun activities, great food, and abundant flowers.

2. Strawberry Fields of Kendall

The Strawberry Fields of Kendall is a farm located just south of Miami, so it is very close no matter what part of town you are staying in. This farm’s sunflower fields peak during the month of December, making this the only time to see them at this location. The Strawberry Fields of Kendall is actually a sister farm of The Berry Farms!

This location is open every day from  9 am to 6 pm during certain times of the year. They tend to close seasonally, usually in the summertime when the heat is at its worst. Entry into this farm is also free! If you would like to pick some flowers they only cost $1 per stem, which is cheaper than most sunflower fields.

3. Family Farms

This next location, Family Farms, is located a bit further out than the first two. This farm is about 45 minutes North of Miami. However, this long drive may be worth it for families. As they have a lot of activities for young children! Their sunflowers are usually in full bloom in the springtime, but they have a few other flower options as well depending on the season.

You can cut your own sunflowers to take home for $3 a stem, they also have zinnias for $1.50 each. The farm is open Thursday through Saturday, usually from 10 am to 6 pm. On weekends they host free bonfires too, which can be a great way to enjoy a warm evening on a family-focused farm!

Best Sunflower Fields In Florida

4. Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market

A bit further out is Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market, located on the east coast of Florida in West Palm Beach. It is about an hour’s drive from Miami, and their sunflower fields are open from November through May. Their sunflowers and strawberries are often in season together, so you can walk through their fields and take both of these beautiful plants home with you!

Prices for admission vary, so it is best to call ahead to see what you can expect. They offer tractor rides, stone mining, and sometimes mechanical cow milking experiences! Bedner’s is an ideal sunflower spot for people driving up the coast from Miami. It is a bit out of the way for an easy trip, but worth it if you can stop by.

5. Hunsander Farms

Located in Bradenton and close to Sarasota, the Hunsader Farms is about three hours from Miami. But if you absolutely love sunflowers, the drive just might be worth it. In the springtime, Hunsander has yellow, purple, chocolate, and orange sunflowers! This is a lot more variety than the other locations, but since it is a bit of a drive it is farther down on our list.

Hunsader Farm is also one of the cheapest on this list, only charging you $1 for every sunflower you choose to pick and no entrance fee! They also have a petting zoo, where admission is $5 per person. So this is a very affordable yet exclusive sunflower field experience for you to explore. So this can be a good location for families, but the variety of sunflowers makes it perfect for photos and admiration of this native plant!

6. Mick Farms

Mick Farms is located about three hours north of Miami. The style of this farm is what makes it unique, with a community-based mission and a rustic chic atmosphere. They are very community focused and are the perfect haven for organic produce lovers! With a large variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers available during different seasons, there is always something to see. You can also buy some of their merchandise at the farm and come home with beautiful flowers and a cute tote bag with them!

There is currently no fee to enter Mick Farm. You can walk around their grounds admiring the beautiful flowers and plants around every corner. They have fresh produce to buy, as well as flowers, but the prices vary depending on the season. So it is best to check out their website to see what to expect during your visit.