18 Best Coffee Shops In Sarasota Florida

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Getting a cup of coffee in the mornings, or any time of day, is one of the small pleasures of life. Coffee shops have become a staple of modern-day society, providing a space for people to gather, work, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. From independent shops to well-known chains, there is a coffee shop for everyone.

So, if you’re looking for some of the best coffee shops in Sarasota to get your cup of coffee, look no further. You can enjoy a variety of coffee drinks and even some delicious food or pastries for breakfast in Sarasota.

1. Perq Coffee Bar

Perq Coffee Bar is a modern and sleek coffee shop with a vibrant atmosphere, making it a great spot to work or meet up with friends. The coffee shop offers a wide range of coffee drinks, including the sweet coffee treat, affogato.

Not only do they have coffee, but they have a selection of teas and delicious treats like an egg bake or their avocado toast. The coffee shop is committed to serving the community and has an online ordering option if you are on the go.

2. Project Coffee

There are three locations of this 100% vegan coffee shop so you can visit this popular coffee shop no matter where you are in Sarasota. Burns Court, Rosemary, and Siesta Center are the three shops where you will find a vibrant, modern atmosphere with luscious plants brightening up the space.

Since everything is vegan, their coffee drinks are topped with oat milk and they have other healthy options such as the matcha latte, golden milk latte, and loose leaf tea.

If you’re pairing your coffee with breakfast, you can choose from their all day breakfast menu or pick out a nutritious smoothie.

3. Kawha

Kahwa Coffee is a popular coffee shop chain based in St. Petersburg, Florida, with a location in Sarasota. This coffee shop has a bright and modern atmosphere, making it a great place to relax and enjoy your coffee.

Kahwa Coffee serves a variety of handcrafted coffee drinks, tea, freshly baked pastries and breakfast options. The coffee is made from high-quality Arabica beans that are blended and roasted producing quality and freshness.

This quality is also the result of Kawha becoming one of the top coffee wholesalers in Florida with over 800 wholesale customers along with their 14 retail locations.

4. Buddy Brew

Buddy Brew has some of the top location in Tampa that are worth the hype, and this popular coffee shop has a hidden gem location in downtown Sarasota. With its cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and top-quality coffee, it has become a go-to spot for both locals and visitors.

Dave Ward and his wife Susan spent years in the pursuit of great coffee trying different coffee shops and brewing methods around the world. They soon discovered that the best coffee was made from freshly roasted beans so they set out to roast coffee beans on their own.

After gifting their newly roasted coffee to family and friends and jokingly naming it after their dog, Buddy, the coffee and the name was a big hit.

Buddy Brew prides itself on sourcing and roasting only the finest coffee beans, ensuring that every cup of coffee is a truly exceptional experience. Whether you’re looking for a caffeine fix or a comfortable place to relax and unwind, Buddy Brew is definitely worth a visit in Sarasota.

5. O&A

O&A, or out and about coffee, started out as a mobile coffee bar but has grown to two other brick & mortar locations. Their first location is in the heart of downtown where you can have an immersive coffee experience amid the hustle and bustle.

The Waterside location is the perfect break as you stroll around the shops. Whichever you stop by, you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu selection.

The owner and founder of O&A, Justin Banister, began learning about coffee at an early age. As he traveled around Central and South America where there are strong roots in coffee farming, he began to appreciate the authentic taste.

Following his experience on the farms and working for other coffee companies, Justin realized his dream of a coffee shop of his own as he opened up a mobile cart on a street corner of downtown Sarasota.

6. Breaking Wave

This chic coffee shop has the perfect selection of drinks from cold brew and espresso to a wide selection of teas. Any day of the week, except for Sundays, you can grab a cup and make your way to the Bayfront or just relax at the shop on the brand new patio.

There are may ways to enjoy this prime location, but not only their coffee is good. They also have breakfast options if you want to get a bite to eat and make sure to ask about their coffee scented candles while you’re making your order.

7. OfKors Bakery

What is better than a good cup of coffee? A good cup of coffee paired with a delicious freshly baked pastry.

At OfKors, all of the breads, croissants, coffee cakes, muffins and more are baked daily and made fresh using organic ingredients. These baked goods can be paired with their freshly brewed Italian coffee for the perfect morning start.

What makes your coffee even more delightful is the art you can get on your drink. Choose which picture you want and your coffee will come out looking exactly like it!

8. Rise & Nyes

Rise & Nye’s holds a special place on the coffee shop list because it is all about inclusion and opportunity for all. This coffee shop is run by those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. According to them, 80% of people with disabilities are unemployed, and they are working to change that.

At the coffee shop, you will find a variety of coffee drinks, house-made ice cream, and sweet and savory treats. Along with the specialty coffee, the ice cream is a special treat here since it’s hand-crafted and they even have vegan options.

You can support them by purchasing from their site where they have coffee beans, mugs, and even the Nye’s cream sandwiches that will be shipped to your door.

9. Boccatta Bistro & Coffee Shop

Boccatta Bistro is a little cafe that offers specialty coffees, crepes, pastries and sandwiches. It is the perfect place for breakfast in Sarasota while still getting a delicious cup of coffee.

With wonderful 5 star reviews and food that everyone raves about, it is the perfect place to get a cup of coffee in the morning.

The cafe is located in a cute little historic home that has seating for 20 and is open daily.

10. The Clever Cup

Get your organic, locally roasted coffee at The Clever Cup, who won Sarasota’s Magazine best coffee shop of 2019. They get their fair trade organic coffees from Black Gold Coffee Roasters that is a must stop coffee shop in Venice. Coffee is also sold by the pound in the shop which is open daily from 7a.m. to 6p.m.

Their menu consists of coffee drinks, handcrafted teas, and bites to eat like croissants and muffins. As a small local business they are all about supporting other small local businesses. So, along with locally roasted coffee, they get their pastries from local bakeries, and inside the shop they feature local artists.

The shop also participates in various events and has an option for catering by renting our their space after hours.

11. Postal 98 Cafe

This coffee shop, Postal 98 Cafe is in a very unique location. Not only is it in the Amish community of Sarasota, it is located in an old postal office. As soon as the post office closed, Ann Michelle saw an opportunity to open a unique coffee shop.

The cafe specializes in a freshly ground Guatemalan blend. They chose this blend partly to honor their children that were adopted from Guatemala.

Enjoy a bite to eat with your coffee drink out on their outdoor seating area. There are options including breakfast menu items to sandwiches and pastries. If you don’t know which coffee drink you want to try, you can’t go wrong with the family favorites some of which include Tanisha Toffee Frappe and Bella’s Caramel Macchiato.

12. Pastry Art

Located in downtown Sarasota, Pastry Art is the go-to for a great cup of coffee and some delicious baked goods. From the decadent desserts to the specialty lunch items, this is the perfect place to enjoy.

On the weekends you can visit the farmer’s market and then head over to this little shop for coffee and maybe even grab a book to read. Pastry Art has a huge 60 seat patio to enjoy or a more intimate dining area.

This coffee shop has been around for over 30 years and has become a local favorite. Starting from 7a.m. the cafe is open every day until 4p.m. except for Sundays which are 8a.m. to 3p.m.

13. The Local Bean

Located on Siesta Key Island, this is the place to get your caffeinated drink before heading over to the beach. This coffee shop is only minutes to Siesta Key Beach and opens every day at 7a.m. so you can stop by no matter what time you’re heading to the beach in the mornings.

The bean coffeehouse uses organic locally roasted coffee from Java Dawg in Sarasota and the loose leaf teas come from Local Tea Co. in Sarasota.

If you don’t want an iced coffee for a day under the sun, then you can pick out one of their organic whole frozen fruit smoothies that are just as delicious. All of their sandwiches and pastries are made from scratch so be sure to enjoy a treat too.

The shop is a pet friendly place so if you have your furry friend with you, you can still stop by.

14. Mojo Risin

Mojo Risin is in the Siesta Key Village and is considered some of the best coffee around town.

Pick from their espresso options such as the Monkey Mocha with caramel and banana or the island roasted drip where the Siesta Sleep Slayer will surely give you all the energy you need.

The key favorites include their cold brew and the cafe cubano, but if you are looking for something other than their coffee drinks then their smoothie bowls are the way to go.

The Ocean Blue smoothie bowl fits right into the tropical vibe that you can enjoy on a hot Florida day.

15. Palma Coffee

Palma Coffee Bar is a fun little coffee shop that is eclectic and trendy. With single origin espresso, V60 pour overs, and vinyl records it is a great place to hang out with friends over a good cup of coffee.

They are closed on Monday and Tuesdays but Wednesday through Sunday, they are open from 8a.m. to 4p.m.

Once you try their coffee, you can purchase the coffee on their site. They are an independent coffee company that sources at the origin working directly with coffee producers and exporters.

16. Baby Brie’s

This little family owned garden cafe and coffee bar is a community gem. The cafe is very similar to Key West style garden cafes and shops which makes it very inviting.

Cory and Sarah moved to Sarasota their adoption and soon after welcomed “Baby Brie” to the family too. The family is part of every little aspect of the coffee shop from greeting you to waiting on the tables.

Make sure to try their famous chicken salad with your coffee and if you want to recreate it, they have the recipe ingredients on their site.

17. Simon’s Coffee House

At Simon’s Coffee House you get an exciting experience for your taste buds. There is something for everyone at this shop where trained baristas can make delicious coffee drinks with your choice of creamer for traditional or vegan options.

The beans are sourced from an artisan roaster and are cold pressed for a more mild and less bitter taste. But while you’re there for the coffee, the food is worth a mention too.

Gathering inspiration from all around the world, the menu is a blend of mouthwatering flavors. With vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore options, they have something for everyone.

18. The Reserve Retreat

Located in a charming red historic hotel, The Reserve Retreat is a hotel, restaurant and coffee shop all in one. For coffee you can get served as drip or as specialty drinks like latte or cappuccino. Cozy up with your coffee and one of their books and indulge on a buttery croissant.

The homes that are now used as the boutique hotel were once owned by John Ringling which makes this coffee shop a place of intriguing history.

On the grounds, the restaurant can also be a great place to have breakfast or enjoy dinner on a night out.